First Timers

The Lazy Daze Caravan Club is a separate legal entity from Laze Daze, Inc. The only requirements for membership in the Caravan Club are to be an owner of a Lazy Daze motorhome and to have attended a caravan. There are no fees or annual dues required for caravan membership.

Upon attending their first caravan, new caravaners are assigned a unique Caravan Rig Number. This number is expected to be displayed on the front and rear of the motorhome, and is used to identify the specific caravan member. Morning announcements and other member communications are carried out using CB radios tuned to channel 30. There is usually one general meeting held on Saturday afternoon. With the permission of the Chairman, a very limited number of guest RVs may be allowed.

The Caravan Club normally operates nine outings per calandar year. The months of July, August and November usually have no outing. The caravan schedule is normally known about a year in advance, and a specific notification about each caravan (the newsletter) is emailed to all caravan members two weeks before each caravan. Caravans are currently scheduled for Wednesday through Sunday, typically around the third weekend of the month. Any caravan member that wishes to attend all or part of a caravan simply shows up and pays for those nights they plan on attending. Often, in those parks that allow it, caravan members may arrive a few days before the official caravan, though they may have to pay regular camping rates for those extra days.

The outings are scheduled by the Chairman. The Chairman contracts with a park for a specific date, a nightly camping fee and often a minimum number of camping-nights. At most caravans, people simply boondock. If there are optional additional facilities like electricity (often limited), then an additional nightly fee may be charged if that service is used. Since there are few parks capable of handling such a large group (outings currently average 75-125 motorhomes), the campground choices are limited and are contracted at least one year in advance.

Nearly all of the activity of the caravans is carried out by volunteers. Volunteering is a great way to meet and get to know other caravan members.