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It's the mid 1950s. Somewhere in California's spectacular Sierra Nevadas, the owners of eight Lazy Daze campers have gathered for the weekend. In the evening, while under the spell of a campfire, the discussion turns to forming an organized group.

Later, twenty Lazy Daze owners hold a meeting. The Lazy Daze Caravan Club is born and Paul Newton (co-founder of Newham Industries, the predecssor of Lazy Daze Inc.) becomes the first Wagonmaster.

Dad (Edwin) Newton and Paul Newton
With the Caravan Club Trailer
(click on photo for a larger version)

Today our club is going strong and has continued to grow, recently celebrating our 50th anniversary at the Golden Caravan in Cheyenne, Wyoming, during the summer of 2006. 'Tis a good time to look back and reflect on its beginnings and what has made this club the great organization that it still is today. Click on any photo on this page for a larger version.

"You can be a Lazy Daze Caravaner"

An early (pre-1966) ad for the Lazy Daze Caravan Club invited folks to "come with us into the great outdoor world of family fun and adventure in your Lazy Daze Camper!"

And it was truly family fun and adventure!

Egg tosses, balloon-breaking relays, "tall tale" sessions, variety shows, oldtime singing around the campfire...and an emphasis on family. Take a look...

Egg Tossing Contest...
...I Wonder If He Caught It?
Balloon Breaking Relay...
...At The Beginning
Balloon Breaking Relay...
...At The "End"
Campfire Time The Hurley Boys Lead the Singing (David Hurley #229 (on guitar) is still an active Caravan Club Member) The Newton Cousins: Kim, Krista, Steve, Lynne and Jeff
(Curt not present)
Kim, Steve and Lynne are
Ed's children; Krista, Jeff and Curt are Paul's

Times have changed, as have the demographics of the club. Whereas once families and working folk made up most of the membership, currently the majority of our members are retired. Why? Current economics certainly play a large part, along with the fact that these days, families with young children often find their weekends filled with scheduled activities.

Ah, but we digress. According to an article in a 1966 edition of "Trailer Life", the requisites to becoming a member of the Lazy Daze Caravan Club were "love of the outdoors, liking to share it with a group of friends, and owning a Lazy Daze camper or housecar."

Also, according to the same article, "potlucks are the one ritual the club indulges in" and "there are also such games as bingo."

"The demographics of our club may have changed, but some things never change!

Anne Newton (Paul's wife) and Son Curt (on the right) at a Caravan Potluck Bingo! Paul and Ed Newton Playing Gin

A favorite caravan activity in the past was riding trailbikes. According to the edition of "Trailer Life" mentioned previously, "a large percentage of Lazy Dazers are trailbike prone" with caravan club members "finding this method of transportation not only practical, but highly enjoyable for out-of-camp and off-the-beaten-path explorations. Youngsters climb aboard to join dad, or mom, on the meanderings.”

A mid-1960s issue of "Mobile Home Journal" notes that "Once you get 'em there, two-wheelers of all types are handy fetch and carry vehicles; great for rounding up the kids, and they're fun."

Getting Aroung the Camp Early "Biker Babes" "There Have Always
Been Bun Busters"
-Don Nelson